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Meet Jess a 26-year-old woman from Yorkshire, UK. She is married to Adam and they have a daughter Grace. Despite her young age, Grace has already made a difference to many children and toddlers. She just doesn't know yet. Jess is a law and criminology student and specialised in disability rights. She has up and till April 2018 worked for the NHS. But sometimes things can change and having baby Grace made Jess think differently about her career. So she gave it a shot and decided to design baby clothes and accessories. Inspired by Grace of course. Us at Culture and Creativity is delighted, she wanted to share her story with all of us. Enjoy!

When did you decide you wanted to try an start your own business?

Whilst on maternity leave I began making bows for Grace, to pass a little time. I've always had a creative streak, I made all of our wedding stationary and centre pieces when I got married and did the same again when we christened Grace.

I first began sewing when I made the soft furnishings for Grace's nursery in 2016, I made a matching toy box, duvet set, cushions and blankets. I didn't use my sewing machine again until I made Grace a skirt because I'd bought some cute fabric, and once I'd seen her in it, I was hooked. After that, I made her a party dress for her first birthday and my passion for it has snowballed from there.

After my maternity leave finished and I went back to my day job in the NHS, I realised I didn't enjoy it like I did before I had Grace, and decided to take the plunge and made Grace's Violet House my full-time job in April this year.

You make clothes and accessories for children and toddlers, try and describe your products/items?

My clothes are classic styles, that won't go out of fashion any time soon, but with the added advantage that it can be made unique to each customers taste.

 Do you have any prefered colours or fabrics you work with?

I'm quite a girly girl, so love any pink fabrics, I have to remind myself sometimes to look for other colours! My favourite two fabrics are cotton, because it's breathable and sews together beautifully, and polycotton, because it takes hardly any ironing once it's been washed, and I'm all for cutting down on ironing time!

Jess: My new A-line dress, the Susie (all of my products are named after women in my life, Susie being my mum).

What's the best experience you have ever had related to your business?

The best experience is definitely the feedback from my customers. I love working with them to create a custom idea and it makes my day when they're happy with what I've created for them. I also love seeing pictures of my creations being worn by the little cuties, it makes me so proud, to think how far I've come.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Having the strength to believe that people want to buy the things I make for their own children.

What about the future, any plans to expand?

In the next few months, I'm hoping to be able to offer the option to build your own party dress. Where the customer can choose everything from fabric, to sleeve choice, to skirt fullness and even the way the dress is fastened.

What positive impact does creativity has on your life?

Being a busy mummy, making things is two-fold, firstly giving me some well earned me time and a chance to express myself, but secondly allowing me the opportunity to be in touch with other adults.

Can you pass on a good advise to others who carry creative ideas in their head?

Try to set a little time aside to get your ideas down. And always believe in yourself.

Once again we thank Jess for the interview. 
If you want to know more about Grace's Violet House you can visit the Etsy page or follow them on Facebook. Links below.

(The interview was done by BJ. Photo belongs to Grace's Violet House.)


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