Candles, meditation and smiles

Culture and Creativity are happy to present this interview to you. We caught up with the founder of Honeycake Candles. So are you into gentle homemade candles, to help you with meditation, sleeping, smiling and much more, Then read on...

Meditation Candle in Rivendale Glass
Tell us a bit about yourself, so we get to know you a bit better?

   I live in a small town called Crook, County Durham, North East England.  I am a 46-year-old Heretic and Goth.  Originally I came from Leeds, West Yorkshire, England but have lived in the North East for the last 12 and a bit years.  Along time ago I got a Bsc degree in Geology and my day job is as a Production Planner.  I am married to a very talented artist, Cobweb Mehers.

What gave you the idea that you would like to make your own candles

     When I first met my husband we would visit his parent's house where I would be exposed to plug in air fresheners. We quickly discovered I was very, very allergic to them.  This lead me to look at alternative ways of scenting a home using more natural means and it played into my interest in aromatherapy.

Tell us more about your products?

     My candles are made using pure essential oils and eco-soy wax.  Essential oils not only create a nice fragrance but if blended properly they can alter mood.  My candles have a dual purpose, their primary function is to help with the stresses and strains of modern life, their secondary purpose is to provide a nice scent in your home.

Smile Candle in Swirl Glass

You are making a great importance in making environmentally friendly products for your candles, explain why?

            Firstly because it is the right way of manufacture, we are custodians of this planet and everything we do should first look to that principle.  Secondly, I believe environmentally products are better for human beings, healthier the more natural you can go.

What's the best experience opening your own business has given you?

       Every sale!  Corny I know, however, I love it when I have a repeat sale, that someone out there likes my products.

How would you like your business to grow over the next couple of years?

       Right now it is very much in its infancy, however, I would like it to become my main source of income for many years to come.

What other creative skills do you possess?

    Yes, I bake and cook (I find that my sense of smell and taste have helped with my candles), I have also been seen with a soldering iron in hand, I made the light fitting in our living room.

Morpheus Candle in Bubble Glass

What piece of advice would you give to others who are pondering on starting an online business?

       Research first and foremost and thoroughly investigate costs, remember you have to pay rates for your place of manufacture/office, you will need to eat at some point, what insurances do you need?  There are a lot of hidden costs to running a business before you can even take a wage.  No matter how good your product is it cannot cost you to make it.  Finally, there is only one person in the world who can value your time and that is you, make sure you value yourself.

Thanks for chatting with us.

If you want to know more about Honeycake Candles or would like to make a purchase, you can visit the Etsy-store here or follow on FB :

(Interview was done by BJ, all photos belong to Honeycake Candles)


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