Teacher going jewellery designer

Teacher going jewellery designer!

Rebecca is a born and raised London girl who is not about to let her creative skills go unattended.
She lives in South West London with her 2 indoor rabbits. She has studied Art, History of Art and English Literature A-Levels. At Kingston University she did her post-graduate teaching qualification with a specialism of art. She is currently working as a teacher. Next to teaching, she has set up her own online store where she sells her own jewellery designs.
I had a talk with her about her designs and her future plans.

For how long have you been a jewellery designer?
A few years ago I decided to try some jewellery making with the students I teach. When I was practising at home I loved it so much I ended up trying out more and more techniques.  I then went on a course at the London Jewellery School. I have been on a few more courses since, most recently at Central Saint Martins to learn experimental jewellery making.

What inspired you to start designing jewellery?
I wanted to make and wear jewellery which expressed a love of animals as my own rabbits mean the world to me. Rabbits are so misunderstood; it makes me sad that most people don’t realise just how clever and loving they are. I was so overwhelmed by how affectionate my rabbit Harry is when he first came into my life 3 years ago. He is the most adorable creature I have ever met and I feel such a strong bond with him.  It is a love I know so many people have for their pets not just rabbits, so I wanted to make jewellery for these people.  I named by business “Tales of Harry” after my rabbit Harry.

What new designs are you currently working on?
At the moment I am working on designs involving metal stamping and doing drawings on shrinkable plastic to make into pendants. I am also working on some polymer clay ideas.  I am continuing to work with resin and I am interested in upcycling designs such as using bottle caps.

Do you hope to make this your living one day?
Yes, one day I would really love to make a career out of selling my jewellery!

Tell me about your online store and what items you have created for selling?
My store is talesofharry.etsy.com. One thing I make is personalised pet name bracelets which are great fun to make. I feel people like to buy from me because everything is handcrafted and unique. I have good customer service and I like to package jewellery to a very high standard so people get something really special through their door.

What has been the best experience for you since you began designing jewellery?
Having people ask me to create a custom order for them is really exciting. I think that I have made people happy by creating something just for them.

Acrylic Rabbit Pendant

What advice can you pass on to others who dreams of selling their own designs?
I think you should go for it, creating something that is your own is a fantastic thing to do and if you don’t want to sell your creations you can always give them as gifts or wear them yourself!

Thanks to Rebecca for taking the time to talk to us.
You can read and see much more of Rebecca’s work here and you can contact her and make a purchase:

Website:   www.talesofharry.com
Store:       www.talesofharry.etsy.com
Twitter:   @talesofabunny

FB:           facebook.com/talesofharry

Interview by Bente Jokumsen. Photos are all Rebeccas.


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