A guided tour round Sukhothai the old capital of Thailand

Sukhothai was the first capital of Siam during the 13th century. Today the town located in the Northern part of Thailand is a very popular place for visitors because of its historic and cultural treasures. I asked some locals to provide photos and words to make an appetizer. So here is a short guide to history, culture and some recommendations for accommodation and food. The city provides very good service to its guests and you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience whether you are there for history or relaxing by the pool. As mentioned this is only a brief guide as there are so many things to explore in Sukhothai. 

The tour starts with a visit to the Old City of Sukhothai where you will find many historic temples and some incredible architecture. 

The entrance to the Old City of Sukhothai 

Wat Si Sawai (The Si Sawai Temple)
It was originally build in a style going back to the Khmer period. It was later partly remodelled by the Kingdom of Sukhothai to make the architecture resemble their culture better. So now the temple has 7 assembly halls prior to the original 3.

Wat Mahathat (The Mahathat Temple)

Wat Mahathat is regarded as not only the oldest but also the most important temple in the Old City. It was built somewhere in between the 13th and the 14th century. Part of it has been restored in recent years but the restored parts are so true to the original so you wont be able to tell the difference, unless you are an expert in the field.

Now moving on to the centre of Sukhothai city. Here you can find many other attractions plus local markets that are also opened at night and you will be able to make some good buys. 

The Phra Ma Ya Shrine Temple

This temple is located in the town center of Sukhothai. The temple was built by King Ramkhamhaeng as a dedication to his mother. 

The local Sukhothai bus "Kok moo" drives every day from the town's local bus station to the Old City and the price for the ride is very affordable to any tourist in the area. 

There are many good places for accommodation and one of them I was recommended to pass on is "Ruean Thai Hotel" 

Recommended choice for a place to eat : MAI PRA DIT Coffee and Bistro 

They serve everything from breakfast, salads, local Thai dishes and coffee and cake and everything is as fresh as it can be. They also provide free wifi.  

I will finish off with this little specialty "Sukhothai biscuits" They are made out of fruit and according to the locals, its on the top 10 list of things you have to try when you visit Sukhothai. 

You can find lots of further information here for example :

All photos provided by R. Jansri 


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