Modern Illustrations by artist Francesca Harris

 Francesca Harris is a young British artist who makes portraits and illustrations by using very modern techniques. Here you can read an interview with her and get to know her better plus have an appetiser of some of her work. 

                  Can you start by telling us a bit about yourself and your background?

I'm 22 and from the UK... I've always had an interest in art and design and tailored my studies to that. I did Art, Design and Media A-levels and then went on to study a further year at college. I work hard and it paid off with my results, but I knew that it was enough for me and I wanted to get out into the world so I could gain some experience instead of continuing to university. I actually went into marketing, to begin with, but have recently moved to a junior graphic design role which I think suits my interests much more and I feel like I'm learning a lot! 

                         You represent a very modern way of creating art, how did you get into that?

I started my portrait illustrations as a hobby on the side because I'd always loved seeing other peoples' but was nervous to try at school in case mine didn't turn out very well. It was only when I left that I decided to not worry so much and just give it a go... and I'm so glad I did! I know I still have a lot to learn but I can already see the progress in my work and hope to develop it further! I like using my Wacom tablet because I find it so much more flexible and easy to work with than paint, pencils, etc.

How much time during the week, do you spend on your illustrations?

It depends really... Some weeks I'll have loads of free time to draw, which is great. Unfortunately I'm busy moving at the moment so am not able to do very much, but hopefully, I'll be able to start again soon!

How long does it take you to make a portrait or an illustration?

There's no set time, it varies on what I'm doing. Obviously, images with more detail take far longer to do, but I also find that sometimes my drawings just work out and sometimes they don't. I can be looking at one drawing for ages knowing it's not quite right but not knowing what's actually wrong with it... That can be quite frustrating but then it feels even better when I finally figure it out.

How do you think of developing your work, do you have any new tricks up your sleeves?
I try to improve one technique each time I do a drawing... Maybe I'll try and give the eyes more detail this time, or find a new way of adding texture to the skin. I'm trying to pay attention to individual details of the face, rather than just viewing it as a whole.

Do you have a personal favourite among your own work?
I'm proud of my Harry Potter drawing because it was made up of 3 separate images so I had to consider aspects such as lighting, colours and angles to make sure they all fitted together. I think that my Walt Disney and Andrew Lincoln drawings show my progress with skin textures, so I'm proud of those. I'd also have to mention my most recent piece which was a cartoon mashup for my boyfriend's birthday... It was very different from my usual work but I tried to add loads of hidden details and I think it worked out well.

Has anyone or anything, in particular, inspired you to do what you do?
I was seeing so much great art coming up on my Facebook newsfeed and I knew I wanted to try to reach the level of those artists. One in particular who springs to mind is @bydestinychafer on Facebook... her work is brilliant and incredibly realistic - so inspiring!


Thanks to Francesca for telling us about her work. If you want to know more about her, you can go to these links. For personal contact with Francesca, message her through Facebook. 

Interview by Bente J.  All photos belong to Francesca Harris and are provided by her. 


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